Printmaking Evening Course

Basic - Intermediate

We are hoping to have two separate classes running once a month on Monday and Thursday

Also available upon request with a minimum of three adults

Thursday 29th Nov             | 7:30 - 9:30 | 1 Space

This course is great for those who'd like to delve deeper into the world of printmaking. Class sizes are kept small, so everyone will have the opportunity to really explore their own technique at a pace they're comfortable with.

Our teaching is friendly, supportive and directed towards personal development in what you would like to achieve.  



A discount of 10% will be applied to your fourth session with us. ( fourth session £21)

Private lessons available on request.

Four adults or more? Get in touch and we can put a class on to suit your group booking.


You will be introduced into a range of techniques including

  • Linocut

  • Drypoint

  • Chine-collé

  • Mono

  • Wood Block.

What experience do I need? 

You can be a complete beginner or already have experience. Our tutor will take you step by step on all processes. Due to our intimate class, you have a choice of taking part within the group or working more independently. 

What will I go home with? 

Over the course you will go home with many variations of prints, some days you may spend more time on the plate itself however the next session you can print from 10 - 15 prints on the size of A5-A4 sizes of paper. 

Do I have to bring any materials? 

We provide all materials including tools, inks, rollers, plates, plastic and paper. If you would like to produce and substantial amount of prints above the normal amount you can either bring your own paper or buy some at the studio. 

What if I cant turn up to a class?

You will need to specify dates you will be attending, and pay the full amount before the first class. We require a minimum of seven days notice to reschedule the session.

What if the course is cancelled? 

We reserve the right to cancel the course for any reason, this may be down to insufficient bookings etc. In the event of a cancellation we shall of course give you a full refund.  

Teacher | Luke Wade