From Photograph to Print with Drypoint Etching

On request

10.00am - 5.00pm

In this course you will learn how to translate a drypoint etching print from a photograph. Dry point is popular with many creatives. The process is quite literally drawing with a dry point. It allows you to reproduce an impression over and over again. Think of it as etching without the acid. 

Two key figures in the art world who are very well know for using this technique are Picasso and Whistler. The technique allows you to be expressive through mark making and produce a run of prints quite quickly. 

This class is perfect for anyone who would like to be submerged in a day of printmaking and who would like to learn from knowledgable, friendly tutors who will guide you on every step of the creative journey. Whether you are a complete beginner or at a more intermediate level, we tailor our teaching style around each individual. With a few special twists on the day with this popular printing technique.

Price £80