Family Workshops  

Family workshops are a chance for the whole family to join in the fun. Creating artwork, learning new skills and making memories together.

These bespoke workshops are for all members of the family, and are available to book throughout the year. We plan each session closely with you to ensure it is tailored to each individual family’s needs and requirements. We offer a wide range of activities, from lino, drypoint, chine-cole and mono. 

You may already have a idea of what you would like to do together. Some families have joined us to print presents for mums birthday, others have joined us to create a family portrait.

" Printing is a great activity to do as a family as it involves many different stages where everyone can participate. The whole staff at Lavender Leonardos was extremely helpful, and we particularly enjoyed spending time with Luke, who was very supportive throughout the process.  Best of all, we were able to produce our own artwork in a very professional way, leaving us with great memories of this wonderful experience" Dad

"This was the best art lesson I have ever had" P., 8 years old

Workshops are for families aging from 5+ years

Prices start from £45 per person for a three hour session, minimum of four.